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The ‘State of HR Survey 2013: Recovery in sight?

The ‘State of HR Survey 2013: Recovery in sight? has now been published and, for the first time, the results paint a positive picture for the coming year.

Many negative issues do remain however and there is continuing pressure on employees to work harder and longer, adding to stress-related problems and causing headaches for HR departments across the UK.

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Speechly Bircham’s Employment group is a leading employment law practice meeting the diverse needs of a broad range of employer and senior employee clients. Employer clients include public and private companies, partnerships and other organisations, based in the UK and overseas, across a wide range of business and professional sectors, with a strong focus on financial services, professional services,media and entertainment, as well as larger corporates. The team handles sensitive and complex issues across the spectrum of the employment relationship. The group has specialist expertise concerning immigration issues and works closely with the firm’s pension and employee benefit teams. The team is highly regarded for its experienced, discreet and practical approach.

The Management Learning Board provides academic knowledge and thinking to help organisations better understand complex management issues, and to use research and evidence to make more informed management decisions.

Through its workshop and seminar programme, bespoke learning and advisory activities, and through a variety of other forums and media, the Learning Board is an innovative thought leader on contemporary people management practice. By engaging with organisations, it also shapes academic research efforts to become more relevant and valuable to business leaders,managers and HR functions.

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